Machinery & Equipments

Maximizing Efficiency and Precision: A Comprehensive Guide to Machinery & Equipment at Apparel Solutions Bangladesh

In the dynamic world of apparel manufacturing, efficiency, precision, and quality are paramount. At Apparel Solutions Bangladesh, these principles are embraced wholeheartedly, evident in the cutting-edge machinery and equipment that form the backbone of their operations. Let’s delve into a detailed overview of the impressive array of machinery and equipment that powers Apparel Solutions Bangladesh’s manufacturing prowess.

1. Fabric Inspection Machine (2 units): These machines meticulously examine fabrics for any defects or irregularities, ensuring only the highest quality materials are utilized in production.

2. Fabric Weighing Equipment (1 unit): Precisely measures the weight of fabrics, aiding in accurate material allocation and cost management.

3. SAF Q Testing for Snap Apparatus: Ensures the durability and safety of snaps used in apparel, guaranteeing product longevity and customer satisfaction.

4. Lock Tunnel Type Metal Detector (2 units): Detects any metallic contaminants in fabrics or garments, maintaining product integrity and safety standards.

5. Lockstitch Bottom Hemming Machine (6 units): Seamlessly hems garment bottoms with precision, adding a professional finish to each piece.

6. Automatic Velcro Cutting and Attaching Machine (3 units): Streamlines the process of cutting and attaching Velcro, enhancing efficiency in garment assembly.

7. Welt Pocket Attaching Machine (2 units): Delivers consistent and precise welt pocket attachments, a crucial detail in garment construction.

8. High-Speed Thread Winder (1 unit): Quickly winds thread onto spools, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity.

9. Eyelet Machine (8 units): Expertly applies eyelets to garments, providing reinforcement and decorative accents as needed.

10. Eyelet Button Hole Machine (2 units): Creates durable and neatly finished buttonholes with eyelet detailing, ensuring functionality and aesthetic appeal.

11. Bartack Sewing Machine (24 units): Performs reinforced stitching at key stress points, enhancing the durability and longevity of garments.

12. DND Angular (16 units): A versatile machine used for various sewing applications, contributing to the versatility and efficiency of the manufacturing process.

13. Fusing Machine (3 units): Bonds fabrics together using heat and pressure, facilitating seamless garment construction.

14. Thread Sucking Machine (2 units): Removes excess thread and debris from garments, ensuring a clean and polished final product.

15. Band Knife (1 unit): Precisely cuts fabrics with accuracy, particularly useful for intricate cuts and shaping.

16. The Feed of the Arm (24 units): Enables sewing in tight or difficult-to-reach areas of garments, expanding the range of sewing possibilities.

17. Kansai Special Machine (8 units): Specialized sewing machine capable of various stitch types, contributing to the versatility of garment construction.

18. Overlock 3 Thread (16 Units), Overlock 4 Thread (30 Units), Overlock 5 Thread (40 Units): These machines efficiently finish fabric edges, preventing fraying and ensuring a clean and professional appearance.

19. Single Needle Lock Stitch (400 Units), Two Needle Lock Stitch (200 Units), Chain Stitch (50 Units): Versatile sewing machines capable of a wide range of stitching styles, catering to diverse garment construction needs.

20. Flat Lock Sewing Machine (30 Units): Creates flat and flexible seams, ideal for sportswear and activewear construction.

At Apparel Solutions Bangladesh, every piece of machinery and equipment is meticulously selected and maintained to uphold the highest standards of efficiency, precision, and quality in apparel manufacturing. With this advanced arsenal of technology at their disposal, Apparel Solutions Bangladesh continues to innovate and excel in the dynamic landscape of the apparel industry.